about us.

Genmed Commercial Services is a specialist supply chain and procurement organisation offering a wide range of solutions available from a single provider.

Our service is aimed at providing a fully integrated offering and/or flexible stand alone solutions.

We began our operations as the procurement arm of the wider Genmed Group in 2019. Genmed is a leading vendor-neutral managed services provider in all clinical disciplines within the NHS. Backed by a panel of asset finance banks, has a proven track-record of delivering key services in surgery, pathology, renal, and endoscopy sectors but we also offer services across wider industries and sectors.

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While our roots lie in Genmed NHS procurement with a commitment to improving supply chain processes and outcomes for all Genmed customers, our reach extends into the wider NHS, private healthcare, wider public and private sectors.

Our solutions are not sector specific. We aim to bring the best solutions available in the marketplace together into a single scaleable solution and yet remain flexible enough to quickly respond to individual customer needs.

Our experienced and professionaly trained team have wide business experience, so we are able to meet your full procurement and supply chain requirements regardless of which sector you operate.